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kissherawake's Journal

kiss her awake; poetry
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caustic - morbid - fancy - deathly - sad - angry - depressed - fucked up - gorey - suicidal - mutilating - murdering - vicious - hard - sexy - erotic - honourable - destructive poetry. this is poetry for the twisted.

anyone can join, but i reserve the right to denounce any of you. i'm not that mean but if you start posting about how lovely things are i'm going to say goodbye.

you can post graphics with your poetry in them. or expressive graphics are fine too. as long as they have a point. if i think your post has nothing do with what this community is about, i will delete it.

there are a few rules (follow them);
1. decide whether or not you want everyone to see or not - if you don't use friends only.
2. use lj cuts.
3. if you don't like someone or they are bothering you let iheardyou know.
4. do not steal anyone elses work.
5. do not promote other communities here, unless you ask iheardyou first.
6. original poetry only. meaning, it has to be yours.

the members; iheardyou, balk, 41154, anoesis, cabinetkeeper, deadpheonix, mysticalways, artismusic, scxenerave, tokyoghoststory, writtenrevolt

introduction survey (post when you join)
favourite artist;
favourite bands;
favourite colour;
favourite quote;
favourite lyric;
anything you want us to know;
pictures (optional);

help promote! post these;

dani awesome. iheardyou
i'm a hottie

she is; female. 20. borderline personality disorder. singer. drummer. vicious. fucked. alone. used. hated. scarred from the inside. hatred toward humanity. broken hearted. she will hate you until you prove your worth.

she likes; afi. the cure. insane clown posse. silverchair. the used. dead kennedys. sublime. social distortion. total chaos. sex pistols. the distillers. the smiths. everclear. and more...

crystal the pistol *bangbang*balk
hardc0re yo

she is; girl. 22. clinically depressed, and loving it. vegan. animal-right activist. lonely. angry. loves the "f" word.

she likes; flyleaf. the distillers. tiger army. death cab for cutie. the cure. buckcherry. ben harper. jets overhead. fiona apple. the used. the smiths. afi. poe. strongbad. veganfreak radio.