fight off your demons. (anoesis) wrote in kissherawake,
fight off your demons.

introduction survey
name; ben
age; 24
favourite artist; none.
favourite bands; lydia, say anything, the used, fightstar, motion city soundtrack, matthew good, taking back sunday, northstar, brand new, cursive, the honorary title, etc.
favourite colour; black! or blue.
favourite quote; "hope is everything"
favourite lyric; too many. right now - 'I'm tasting nothing but 4 words. Please don't leave me. And it's dark in the winter so your ideas start to sleep. Well your head is spinning like that carousel, and I know you're a mess after 3 or 4. But if you make it different then we'll make our way to the surface, and your favourite place.'
anything you want us to know; uhh, this thing below is old.

i can see you shaking as you breathe in
pulling back on words still left unspoken
break the mirror, break your heart
am i wrong?
this craving/needing
is it all a disgusting apparition
conjured by things i thought you did
when i cannot see/look at you at all?
i'm not going anywhere
this is what i have left
& always hated & don't we all
have a cage to ourselves?
something seems to be changing us
pushing us through ceilings as
we burst into flames inside
breaking and burning
but haven't we always been this way?
i am gagged, fading,
ethereal & falling in circles spinning
in all this that i cannot shed
or bury in you -
pictures and words break and tear
in this water ink runs back into veins
maybe this time we went too far
reflections in windows that reveal
your face to be sucked away by the rain
& sun & all that we came to discover as we left it behind
for promises of hopes that hang in the air
long enough to believe
i am dreaming again
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